PLB / Personal locator Beacon
PLB Sea Marshall: AU 9 WF

PLB Sea Marshall: AU 9 WF
  • Fully automatic miniature 121.5 MHz man overboard Alerting Unit that forms part of a self managed man overboard Alert & Locating device specifically for offshore oil and gas operators and service companies. This unit has a black side switch to differentiate it from other AU9 versions; refer to catalogue for more information.

  • Specifications

  • Frequency (LIVE) 121.5 MHz

  • Modulation - Continuous swept tone A3X, downward swept tone

  • Output power - 100 mW/500 mW

  • Temp range (storage): -55°C to + 70°C;

  • Approvals - CE, FCC, ATEX Zone 2

  • Test Frequencies: 121.65 MHz and 121.775 MHz

  • Activation - Manual & Automatic 5 second (salt/fresh water) with manual override (manual activation option)

  • Fail-safe override function - when plb is OFF, it will still auto-activate after 40 seconds immersion

  • Antenna - High efficiency 1m cable with flexible helical spring section, led strobe (adaptable for lifejacket fitting)

  • Strobe - inbuilt hi-visibility LED strobe on antenna flashes ‘SOS’

  • ILS - internal loudspeaker 80dB

  • Weight - 250 g (approx)

  • Waterproofing - IP-68

  • Battery - AA lithium, user replaceable

  • Automatic low battery warning indicator (led flashes on and off every 15 sec combined with audio - BEEP/BEEP/BEEP

  • 100 mW = 48-hour transmit approx

  • Benefits

  • 24/7 monitoring gives confidence to you and your crew

  • Small and comfortable to wear

  • Automatic activation upon immersion with failsafe 40 second override function

  • Protects you and your crew day and night

  • Homing signal on 121.5 MHz (Can be tracked by SARfinder or Coastguard/helicopter)

  • Robust marine construction

  • Can easily be fitted into a lifejacket or flotation garment. Universal lifejacket PLB fixing kit available separately

Prix : €375 + TVA

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